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PackFlash Mega Dropdown
Your Menu Tells Your Story
With the Mega Menu System you can:
  • Add additional content text or pictures to the menus.
  • Control the column layout of the menu
  • Menu content can be versioned and saved.
  • DotNetNuke v6 Ready!
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Free Mega Menu DNN Object
The DNN6 compatible skin object that generates the mega menu is available for FREE, meaning you can include it in your own custom skins (even skins you plan to sell).  The admin system that helps you control the DotNetNuke menu is installed as a trial when you install the skin object.  Get the DNN skin object and admin trial at www.packflash.com.
Get the Caliper DNN Skin
Buy This DNN Skin Now at SnowcoveredGet the DNN 6 compatible Caliper Skin for DNN, featuring our unique Mega Drop-down Menu at Snowcovered.com today!
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mega menu colors caliper
The Caliper skin pack comes in multiple colors. Preview the Color Palettes!