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Caliper Mega Menu DotNetNuke Skin

Caliper DotNetNuke Skin with Mega Drop-Down Menu

Welcome to the Caliper Skin

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Key Features of this DNN Skin

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Benefits of the Mega Menu
  • The mega drop-down menu makes your site  EASIER TO USE  allowing visitors to quickly find relevant content. You can guide your users, providing them contextual imagery and explanations for different areas of your site instead of just giving them a list of links.  
  • You actually  GAIN SCREEN REAL ESTATE  which can be used to provide guidance to your visitors or marketing messages for your business.
  • The mega drop-down menu is more  MOBILE DEVICE FRIENDLY  than the standard pull-down and fly-out menu
  • Got lots of pages and links? The mega menu is the  BEST PRACTICE  for site navigation.
  • Visually  IMPRESS your visitors . This is the only full-featured mega drop-down solution for DotNetNuke.
Your Menu Tells a Story
Features included with optional menu admin:
  • More than just a regular DNN skin: the administrative tool allows for adding additional content text or pictures to the menus.
  • Menu content can be versioned and saved. This allows you to change your mega drop-down menu content for a special promotion or season, and then revert back afterwards
A True Sub-Nav Option
One of the DNN skin options renders a sub-menu in the left column, just like you see on this page.  In this case the menu is fully expanded at every level.  There is also an option for the menu only to expand for the currently active branch of the menu tree.
Caliper DNN Skin has multiple options for tab width
Pane Options for this DNN Skin
"Standard" Pane Layout (no sub-menu)
Caliper Standard Layout Panes for DotNetNuke Skin

Pane Layout with Sub-Menu Option
Caliper Sub-Menu Pane Layout for DotNetNuke Skin
  • Includes 18 different color combinations. See thumbs of the palettes, below, or click here to PREVEW THE COLOR PALETTES
    caliper color options
  • Includes 14 DotNetNuke containers
  • Multiple variations of menu and layout configurations are included.  
  • Automatically builds mega menus based on the DNN page hierarchy
  • The DNN Admin and Host menus are separated from the main menu so you have more space
  • Includes pure CSS options and JQuery transition version
  • The mega menu is SEO friendly, providing all interior links for your DNN site with every page.
  • Menu HTML mark-up is WC3 compliant
  • Sub-nav options - normally difficult to implement on DotNetNuke
  • Complete skin object documentation is included
  • Skin options for both fixed and variable-width tabs